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Hugo Manning schreef het gedicht Then People May Laugh in 1973,
gedrukt op gekleurd papier en uitgegeven bij The Village Press, Londen.

Let others deal with the world and monarchies
Or, if they must, still agitate and bicker
While I spend my time in other ways,
During winter days drinking diathermic liquor.
Let others rule, see that people are led,
But I will master only butter and bread.
           Then people may laugh

Let the great prince who is slave
To fear stained fixation, craving and care
Go to grief madly, glower and rave
And eat golden pills from his golden plate
While I stil delight in more savoury fare,
Roast a siple sausage by my humble grate.
           Then people may laugh

Let all who can find their special glee:
The merchant be flushed with cupidity,
Seek, if he must, new markets forever;
Let explorer yearn for gold and new lands
While I hear sweet bird by a poplar tree
Or seek nothing more than shellfish in sands.
             Then people may laugh

Let mountains still wear their snow-glittered garb
While January is joyful, shakes wooden door,
And my pantry is stocked with wholesome things;
Warm chestnuts will adorn my stove once more
As a friend relates incredible tales
About demons, fairies and amazing kings.
            Then people may laugh

Hugo Manning

Adapted from the Spanish of Luis de Cóngora

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